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Toy Pom

Other names Deutscher Spitz;Zwergspitz;Dwarf-Spitz Common nicknames Tom-PomPom-Dog,Pom-Pom,Pom, Zwers,Tumbleweed Origin Toy Pom Pomerania Weight 3 to 7 pounds (1.4 to 3.2 kg) Height 7 to 12 inches… Read More »Toy Pom


The Poodle is a formal dog breed that comes in three varieties: Standard Poodle, Miniature Poodle, and Toy Poodle. The origin of the breed is still discussed, with a prominent dispute over… Read More »POODLE

Afghan Hound

Personality: A breed of charming contradictions: independent and aloof, but sweet and profoundly loyal; dignified, but with a silly streak Energy Level: Very Active; Bred for high-speed… Read More »Afghan Hound


Personality: Dignified, courageous, and profoundly loyal to their humans Energy Level: Somewhat Active; Not a hyper breed, but these big guys enjoy regular exercise Good with Children: Better… Read More »Akita


Personality: Merry, friendly, and curious Energy Level: Very Active; This quick, energetic and compact hound dog needs plenty of exercise Good with Children: Yes Good with other Dogs: Yes… Read More »Beagle


Personality: Fun-loving, bright, active and loyal Energy Level: Very Active; Boxers are strong, quick, busy dogs who need plenty of exercise; they enjoy challenges, both physical and… Read More »Boxer


Personality: Calm, courageous, and friendly; dignified but amusing Energy Level: Not Very Active; Bulldogs won’t beg to be exercised, but they require regular walks and the occasional… Read More »Bulldog