7 types of Dog Collars And Their Use

A common concerning question for novice pet owners is how to restrain your dog. Over the past century or so, pet related products have seen so much innovation that it has unintentionally caused more concern and dilemma for whoever gets a puppy. The topic of picking the right leash or collar has been subject to intense debates amongst the dog owners community.

Not only owners but professionals like trainers, groomers vets, and shop owners all have their own personal opinions on what collars to use. And you cannot blame them for having personal preferences, as the collars and leashes vary in terms of suitability across all breeds, ages and genders of dogs. Of late, there have been social advocates erupting across the internet who are coming together and voicing their concerns over certain collars and leashes. It is not surprising that almost every dog owner must have come across articles and comments about how Choke chain, Prong collars and E-collars are inhumane and evil. To make their claim stronger they use highly emotion invoking stories of pictures of abused animals for owners to be riddled by fear over certain types of tools. In truth, all types of collars and leashes have been invented by man for certain purposes. And each of these tools, if fallen in the wrong hands; can induce pain discomfort and even fatalities. On a neutral front, there is no collar safer than the other. I can personally use prong collars and choke chains in the most humane way possible to disprove propaganda. On the other hand, even a diamond studded flat-collar that you got custom built for your dog spending exorbitant amounts of money can be potentially dangerous in case they are able to choke on the fancy attachments.

  1. Flat collar
  2. Martingale
  3. Choke/ slip collar
  4. Prong Collar
  5.  Head Halter
  6.  Body Harness
  7. Electronic collar

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