American Bully..Basic Info and Tips

American Bully are Powerful Dogs

that can intimidate the faint-heated. These dogs are affectionate, loving, playful, and gentle by nature. However, some dogs are not aware of their strength and the fearsome appearance they pose. Thus, training an American Bully is an absolute must for its owners. Providing early training and socialization will mold your pet’s behavior and temperament positively. More so, these dogs need to recognize owners as their leader and that they need to be disciplined and obedient. 

According to experts, the job of training a Bully requires immense patience and determination. As an owner, you may have an easy or challenging time training your dog. Ideally, training should start while they are still puppies. Older dogs are more or less set in their mindset and attitude; thus, training them can be harder

Bullies are just like any other dogs. They will make mistakes when training. If you are not up for the job, seek a trainer who has experience in handling American Bully training.  

Training dogs is not just about teaching them tricks

It should focus on educating your pet to behave appropriately at all times. You must show your dog to recognize your voice and obey basic commands like stay, sit, or come. These simple commands can halt a dog’s undesirable behavior when they learn.

When your pet behaves well in the home, during walks, or car rides, it will be more comfortable and enjoyable for you and your pet. Ideally, you must take in your American Bully to feel that they are one of the family, and you are the leader. Pets must feel useful and wanted. Use training sessions to spend time with them, especially while they are growing. 

basic commands they should know are sitting and responding to their name. Training sessions can be five to ten minutes each day. It is also essential to teach them to walk properly beside you without pulling on the lead. It is best to manage unwanted behaviors in dogs while they are still puppies. If you don’t deal with it early on, they will be difficult to rectify later on. 

Always remember that the American Bully dogs are brilliant. Spend time with them and make training fun and enjoyable for them to learn quickly. As much as possible, be consistent in your commands and patient in teaching.

positive reinforcement when training any dog breed. This method involves rewarding positive behavior and the simple “no” when it does something that is not ideal. Never shout or be violent towards your Bully. 

During training, the owner/trainer needs to know the right and wrong behavior. If your Bully follows or does as you command, you should give it a treat. The more you reward your pet, the greater will be his positive responses to you. Punishing dogs physically can be viewed by your pet as a “reward” for their bad behavior.

Thus, taking alternative steps to prevent undesirable habits is your next best move. For instance, you can take them outside for potty training. Otherwise, you can give them chew toys to stop them from chewing on shoes.

American Bully dogs are very social pets.

Growing up surrounded by family is an ideal starting point for honing a Bully’s socialization skills.  Training them to behave well with other people and pets can start with regular outdoor walks. It is an excellent way to exercise your Bully and keep them physically healthy and happy. Outdoor walks are also the perfect opportunity for leash training and socializing with other dogs.

You can introduce your pet to other people like your neighbors, people you meet on your walks, pets, and others. You can also start training them to get used to the idea of visiting a veterinarian. 

American bully when they are all grown up could be an intimidating task. They can be mule-headed goofballs that will be happy to defy you during training. Thus, it is advisable to train American bullies when they are still puppies. The best age for teaching them is while they are two to three months old. During this phase, Bullies must start training so that they will behave appropriately in all aspects of life.

Puppies are also easier to train because they quickly follow the commands from their leader. Bully puppies also associate training to be positive experiences when it is fun and entertaining. Here are some tips to help you get around basic training for your puppies.

Handling Training

Although Bullies are very friendly canines, they might welcome others touching them physically. Often puppies shy away from touchy strangers and objects being handled. Thus, it is necessary for you as the owner to train your Bully to accept being handled by others. It is a social skill they need to learn while they are young. 

When they are comfortable when handled, grooming and veterinary visits become an easier feat. Your Bully will grow up used to having their nails clipped, ears checked, vaccinated, and groomed. Putting on a collar and tick removal also becomes hassle-free with dogs that are used to handling.

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