Best Dog Sports for Active Dogs


Fly-ball is a type of relay race competition. Different teams of dogs jump a series of hurdles before they get to a tennis ball. In order to get that ball, though, they have to jump on a box that contains a spring. The spring shoots the ball up into the air.

The dog has to get the ball and get back to the starting point before the next member of the flyball team can start. Then, the next dog does the same thing until all the dogs on the team have run their part of the relay.

Any dog can play this game. Retrievers and herding breeds usually excel at it. There are events for all ages of dogs – even “veterans classes” for dogs 7 years of age and up. Obedience is very important, as is a sense of teamwork among the human participants.


You already know how “nosy” your dog can be. You see evidence every time you take your buddy for a walk. Well, dogs can put those noses to good use in dog sports such as tracking.

In order to play, one person first makes some tracks by walking along a trail. The dog then sniffs the trail until it ends. One version of the game involves placing certain items along the trail. Once the dog finds an item, their handler shows it to the judge.

In another version of tracking, there is only one item for the entire trail. Regardless of the version, the training is basically the same. Tracking is better for pooches that might not be suited for more active dog sports.


Dog sports such as herding pay tribute to some of the original ways in which humans started to rely on canines. There are a lot of breeds that are designed specifically for this type of work. These include Border Collies, Australian Shepherds, Welsh Corgis, and many others.

Many organizations are specifically devoted to herding breeds. A lot of members of these organizations want to test their dogs to see if they can herd as well as their ancestors. This is where the sport of herding comes in.

You’ll find several different versions of herding. Most have a lot in common. Basically, the dog and handler try to move sheep, or other types of livestock, through a course. The dog is then judged on how well they handled the task. Obedience and teamwork are major components of herding.

Which Sport is Right for Dog?

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