Black Lab

Complete Guide To The Black Labrador Retriever

The black Lab is one of the most recognizable and popular dogs in the DOGGZY WORLD . In this guide we’ll uncover the rich working history of the black Labrador Retriever and look at how their origins have influenced their personalities and intelligence. We’ll discover how black lab puppies come in two different types, American and English black Labs, and find out how each type of black lab differs. And we’ll help you decide which type is right for your family and lifestyle.

The black Lab is up to 24 inches tall and weighs up to 80lbs. Depending on on their ancestors, your black Labrador puppy may be a little smaller than this when they are fully grown. Labradors breed for the show ring (known as English Labs in the USA Am. Ch. and ‘Show Labs’ in the UK) have become heavier and ‘chunkier’ in appearance than Labradors bred for hunting and retrieving ability, and for competitive success in field trials. And the hunting or American Lab may have a lighter frame and a strong drive for retrieving.

Black Labrador are typically active, friendly and loyal. They bond strongly with their family, but usually love meeting new people too.

Get To Know Black Lab – He came on countless runs through the woods, spent hours playing ball in the backyard, but also sat with his head gently rested in my lap whenever I was sad. So it has always amazed me that despite the black Labrador being the most common color, it is in some ways the least appreciated. From the origins of the black Lab, to finding and buying healthy black Lab puppies, we’ve got you covered. 

Popularity of Black Labs – Black Labs have always been the most prevalent color, but their popularity has changed over the years. In the sporting dog community owners of hunting dogs still often prefer the black coat, but pet and show owners often show a preference these days for the paler colors. Chocolate and yellow Labs can even fetch higher prices from some breeders, not to mention the less common fox red and silver tones.

Black Dogs Are Harder To Rehome – There is a sad phenomenon in pet shelters, which impacts the rehoming rate of black dogs. Not only do these pups not photograph as well, they simply aren’t as easy to rehome in person either. Lots of people don’t want a black dog.

Prospective owners often pass them by, regardless of temperament, in favor of the brighter colored pups on offer. But these adopters are missing a trick, because black dogs have so much to offer beyond their coat. And what they do offer differs slightly between the Labrador types.

Temperament Labradors are well known for being a little too friendly! This bouncy breed is more likely to leap up and lick a burglar than to stop him in the act. The downside of this is that they can be easily distracted at the dog park by wanting to greet everyone they come across.

Intelligence – Black Labradors have been bred for generations as hunting companions. their handlers and relatively easy to teach commands to, they are absolutely an intelligent breed. This color has also been very popular in the sporting dog community, and as a result you could even assume that their intelligence has been prioritized in a way that yellow and chocolate Lab’s was not. the colors of the parents as well as factors to do with temperament and trainability.

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