Care Long Hair Dog?

Long haired dogs are undoubtedly beautiful to behold, and many of us dream of owning one. We imagine running through the fields with our long-haired friend, its tresses swept by the wind. Of course, dreams don’t always match reality for many long haired dog breeds!

Yes, while you can have this wonderful dream, it takes some work  to bring it to life. As any human with lovely long and lush locks will tell you, you need to take care of your hair. It’s no different with hairy dog breeds.

All of the canine handsomeness comes at a price. Especially the time and possible expense that’s required to maintain those gorgeous locks and flowing tresses.

A lot of handiwork on the part of their owners goes into keeping a dog with really long hair looking its best. You need to bath them and use shampoo. Most of all, you need to groom your long-haired canine companion.

Need to Groom

Depending on the breed and type of coat, long haired dogs are kept in tip-top condition via regular grooming, clipping, and washing.

It also helps if you keep them out of mud and dirty ponds, and stop them rolling in dust baths. Sadly, you will find that some of the most-loved long-haired dogs are the most likely to see a sand pit as the perfect playpen! Or, insist on crashing into the undergrowth and come out covered in burrs and bits of briar.

Oftentimes, long haired dog breeds need daily attention. You should keep this in mind if you are considering adopting a pooch from one of the long haired small dog breeds or the long haired dog breeds list.

Don’t forget that you need to put aside time for daily grooming. Likewise, don’t forget to save some time for exercise, too. Many of these long-haired breeds are very energetic and need daily walks and playtime.

Going Too Long Between Grooming Sessions

Letting grooming go too long can result in tangled or matted hair. This can ensnare bugs, dirt, debris, and bacteria.

Matted hair can also trap moisture beneath, creating an excellent environment for infection to set in. If you are not careful, your dog can easily develop painful skin conditions beneath the mats, which can be very uncomfortable.

And, once a mat develops, if you try to detangle it, this often results in pulling on your dog’s sensitive skin. This can cause irritation or even damage the skin. Apart from that, if you are trying to make grooming time pleasurable to encourage your dog to sit still, then hurting her isn’t going to help.

Just this simple change, of grooming daily and getting rid of any matted fur as soon as you see it, can make all the difference!

Now, we looked at the training, but what are the best grooming techniques for you and your dog? Well, before we start on technique, you need the right tool for for the job

What kind of tools you need to keep large long haired dogs (and tiny ones, too!) neat and clean? Well, we have good news for you. You can find the right hair-care gear without breaking the bank!

The most common grooming tools are simple and inexpensive. When you use them regularly, this will ensure that your beloved dog’s coat remains problem-free

You Still With Us? Do You Still Want a Hairy Dog?

So, have we put you off long-haired dogs for life, or are you still interested? If you are, we don’t blame you! Besides, grooming doesn’t take too much time or energy with gentle combing, good training, and a daily routine.

If you’re in the market for a pooch from one of the many long haired dog breeds, we have a few extra special dogs for you to consider and choose from! Some of these are absolutely gorgeous and also have great personalities.

Of all the types of long haired dogs, let’s start off with a breed that counts both a spectacular looking black long haired dog and a white long haired dog amongst its number. This is, of course, the fabulously-maned Afghan Hound, which is one of the most beautiful and elegant dog breeds.

If you like big long haired dogs, this might just be the breed for you.

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