Curd Good for Dog’s Health?

When it comes to dogs and what they should eat and what they should avoid, there are several dos and don’ts.

There are many proven benefits to giving curd to your dog. 

One of the key elements of curd is the probiotics. Probiotics stimulate the production of digestive enzymes and make the digestion process easier for your dog. Additionally, digesting curd is possible without the body heating up due to the effort. Therefore, curd can be given in the summer, too. 

Calcium-rich: Calcium are essential in puppies as well as older dogs. Many dog breeds tend to suffer from bone defects due to a shortfall of calcium . In some cases, it even leads to hip dysplasia. While there are supplements that can be given to your dog, the natural form of calcium are always better. Curd contains both calcium and can be safely added to the balanced dog food formula you give your dog.

Controlled weight: Curd has high levels of protein and is easy to digest. It is also low in calories. Dogs would not become obese or overweight because of curd. 

Antifungal and antibacterial properties of curd make it an ideal solution for skin problems. Mange is one particular skin infection that is itchy and applying curd in the affected area is soothing to the dog. 

Don’t Give too Much

Just like with any other food, having too much of curd can be bad for your dog’s health. It is always best to be cautious when feeding your dog anything. The same is true of curd. Just because your dog loves curd and it is easy enough for you to produce it at home, it is not advisable to go overboard when giving curd to the dog. 

Too much curd can affect the digestion and cause loose stools in your dog.

A little curd mixed with some water would be the ideal. High-fat content in curd can be unhealthy for your dog. It is also good to remember that curd is not a substitute for other food. Curd alone is not enough for your dog to be healthy. It is to be given in addition to their regular nutritious meals. 

Giving Curd To Puppies

You can give curd to your puppies. Puppies love curd and will be happy to consume as much as you give them. But, caution is necessary. Curd has proven to be a great transitional food when puppies are being weaned off from their mother’s milk. When the puppies are around forty days’ old, they can be introduced to curd by mixing it with their regular food. Curd makes the food softer, and the puppies will find it easier to transition to food pellets. 

You can use curd in different pet recipes. Also, avoid feeding them curd during winter. However, in summer months, curd popsicles are most enjoyable. Mixing a little curd with water and sweet potato and freezing it with small molds will be a great snack that is healthy and fun to eat. Another recipe is pureed vegetables with a little curd and honey, frozen in small ice cream cups. These recipes are perfect in summer, and dogs enjoy the taste and feel cool from the inside out.  

Your dog not feeling well?

Are they feeling low in energy? Think they have eaten something that has made them sick? Talk to a veterinary expert.  The need to receive medical advice for your pet will never cease.

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