Dangerous for Pets to Drink Toilet Water

Things can get dangerous in some cases, though, particularly if harsh cleaning agents are used in the bathroom. pet drinking toilet water is no big deal, and their pets may engage in the habit their entire lives with no repercussions, and often, the practice is safe.

Pets drink toilet water

Dog will have her own reasons for drinking from the toilet, but for the most part it seems that pets enjoy drinking from the can because it’s fresh, it’s cold, and it’s available. the constant flushing of toilets makes for more freshwater than anything a dog or cat would find in a bowl, which just lies stagnant until it’s refilled. The porcelain material a toilet bowl is made from keeps the water at a cool temperature, and the fact that it’s just sitting there, all day and all night, makes for a rather inviting sip for any thirsty pet.

toilet water dangerous to dogs

Toilet water isn’t dangerous in most cases. Sometimes, however, water from the toilet bowl can pose a threat to a pet’s health, but that will depend on a few things. First, the cleanliness of the bowl can determine how safe the water in it is, and ironically, the very things you use to keep your toilet sparkling may be toxic to your pets. toilet bowls and may lead to side effects when ingested, like upset stomach, drooling, diarrhea, an irritated digestive tract, or even chemical burns if it comes into contact with skin, says the American Veterinary Medical Association. Medication that has recently been tossed into the toilet and flushed may also render water harmful, and should not be consumed by pets.

your pet drinking from the toilet bowl, there are a few things

you can do to ensure his safety while indulging in a sip from that big ceramic bowl in the bathroom. One way to tell if an item may make your toilet bowl unsafe to drink from is by noticing the color it produces while it’s working most often, toilet bowl cleaners, cleansing gels, powders, or disks that turn toilet water blue should be considered unsafe as they are often filled with harsh chemicals.

bleach is highly toxic to pets when it’s ingested, and is found in many bathroom cleaning products. For a pet-safe alternative, you can try scrubbing your bowl with a sprinkling of baking soda, then rinsing things clean with white vinegar and water. prevention is the most effective way to keep your pet safe, so if you’re at all worried, keep the lid down and don’t give your dog or cat the opportunity to sneak a sip. Doing so can also prevent accidental slipping off of the toilet seat and into the bowl, which is obviously more common among cats and very small dogs than large canines who simply drop their heads in. Baby-proof toilet locks may keep determined pets out from under closed lids, as will shutting and locking the bathroom door, if necessary.

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