Dog Care for All Seasons

Take Your Dog for a Wellness Exam

You can go for twice-yearly health exams, especially for senior dogs. So going to the vet in the fall or early winter and before summer starts is a good way to ensure your dog is healthy before the weather changes.

Proactive vets will measure muscle mass, joint range of motion, check vital organ function and make a wellness plan for the upcoming cold months.

Sadly, not everything can be prevented, which is why having dog insurance can especially help you save on vet bills. With Pet plan pet insurance, you get the coverage, support and resources you need to be the best pet parent ever.

Never Leave Your Dog in the Car Unattended

This tip applies for both hot and cold weather.

No matter if the window is down and the car is under the shade during warm weather, or if you leave the car heating on during a cold day, it’s not safe.

Better be safe than sorry! So, plan ahead to avoid having to leave your pooch alone inside the car. The consequences can be fatal.

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