Feeding Stray Animals

it’s important to know some basic Dos and Don’ts of feeding strays.

1. Avoid giving sweets, especially chocolates, to dogs. 

Chocolate has theobromine, which dogs process much more slowly than humans and it leads to formation of toxins in their bodies. Additionally, stray dogs have a lower immunity than pets and you don’t want to put their health on risk.

2. giving them boiled food and strictly avoid anything that has spices AND fried

we tend to feed stray animals the leftovers from our own meals. It is not a good idea because our bodies and digestive systems work differently. While we have very high tolerance for spices and oil, same is not the case with animals.

3. the animals as you know nothing about their past

they might not be vaccinated, in case of which you can go ahead and get that done. In any case, don’t try to be too physically close to them, lest you freak them out.

4. feed them at the same place, every day.

especially if you have a pet and this might lead to fights between them. This will also help the stray animals to know where they need to be, which will develop discipline in them. 

5. Don’t feed stray animals food that you know includes dry fruits and fish etc.

Reason to not feed fish is bones, that they obviously won’t be able to remove while eating. Same with chicken; its stronger and sharper bones can get stuck in their food pipes.

6. especially where children play and/or old people come for walks. 

Needless to say that the place should be hygienic, as well. 

7. dietary needs and don’t overfeed or underfeed them.

Different animals have different food needs, educate yourself about that and act accordingly

8. Give water.

 it would be great if you can provide them with water. This will save them trouble of finding water to drink. 

9. Don’t feed two packs of dogs at the same time.

They can get really violent for food and you will end up doing more bad than good. 

10. Be careful while giving milk to animals.

Milk can lead to worms in their stomachs, and intestinal distress like gas, diarrhea or vomiting. If you are going to give them milk, be very observant of these  

11. DO NOT throw food from a moving vehicle. 

Make sure you get down and feed them properly because otherwise, they will start chasing other vehicles, too, and put their lives at risk. 

12. If you start feeding stray animals.

When you quit feeding them all of a sudden, the animals don’t know how to get food because they have been dependent on you all this while. 

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