German Shepherd

PersonalitySmart, confident, courageous, and steady; a true dog lover’s dog

Energy Level: Very Active; These big guys were born to work; they require regular mental and physical exercise

Good with Children: Yes

Good with other Dogs: With Supervision

Shedding: Frequent

Grooming: Occasional

Trainability: Eager To Please

Height: 24-26 inches (male), 22-24 inches (female)

Weight: 65-90 pounds (male), 50-70 pounds (female)

Life Expectancy: 7-10 years

Barking Level: Barks When Necessary

7 thoughts on “German Shepherd”

  1. I want German shepherd for my family and specially for my 5 year old son, he is very excited to have this breed(long coat).

    Now pls suggest male or female which one is best gender for us. And prices?????

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