Give the puppy a bath

dogs like to take a bath while some run away from it and molt. No one in the house likes a dog with bad odor, so you try half-heatedly to give your PUPPY a bath. This leads to a half-incomplete wetting and spreading of excess odor. If you have a new puppy or even an old dog, here are some tips given by experts to give it a bath easily and effectively.

dogs are habitual creatures, if you make a habit then it will be easy for him and he will be ready for it even if he does not get any choice of food.

  1.  In the initial attempts to bathe the PUPPY prepare yourself mentally and talk positively and enthusiastically so that your PUPPY can also calm down. If you are upset or stressed, your dog will feel it and he will also be upset. Be prepared for the first few attempts to bathe it will not be ideal. Bathing PUPPY can also be fun for you.
  2.  If you are going to take a bath for the first time, first take it to the place of bath, bucket or tap to connect it with the place and then hold it there for a long time. So that she can get acquainted with that place, do not bathe now. Let her come and go in the bathroom and let her stay there for some time.
  3. Your dog may not like bathing, so make him realize that he will get treatment after bathing. If he realizes that after this a sports or food treatment will be given, then he will be more supportive and comfortable in the process of bathing and will also bother less in future.
  4. dogs are required to bathe less frequently than others. This period depends on their breed and their skin. Ask your vet about this.
  5. Keep all the important things together before bathing your puppy Shampoo, conditioner, treat, towel etc. Place the bath mats and towels in place of the bath so that the dog is not afraid of slipping when wet and will feel better sitting with better grip. Water should not be too cold or too hot. Dogs feel more relaxed in the water.
  6.  Brush the dog’s hair and hair lightly to remove excess hair and make it easier to shampoo.
  7. your dog as lightly as possible so that it does not cause any harm. Take care that the shampoo does not go into his eyes, ears, mouth and nose. Use a wet cloth for cleaning here. When bathing on the surface of the tiles, apply soap carefully to its claws so that it does not slip. It is better to apply soap immediately to the claws and beat it immediately.
  8. If you bathe your dog excessively, then there is a risk of skin irritation or layer. So it is best to consult your veterinarian and also ask which shampoo to bathe with because it depends on the skin of different breed and it may irritate the skin due to the wrong shampoo.
  9. Clean them only when necessary. To clean them, adopt other methods like brush daily and clean their fur and claws with a wet towel. “Dry shampoo” is also available. To use it, apply and brush it on your dog’s body. Bathing with water is not necessary.

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