Home Outdoor Activities That Dogs Love

Looking for things to do outside with your dog now that the weather is starting to warm up? Here are a few ways to stay busy, so grab your sunscreen and your dog and have fun!


One outdoor activity loved by most dogs is a good game of fetch. Tennis balls, soft flying discs, and other fetch toys all fit the bill for a dog that loves to run and retrieve. Dogs seem to use instinct to focus on the quick movement of the object and the race to grab it. Does your dog bring the toy back, though? If not, you can work with them to return it for treats and lots of praise. Over time, they may surprise you and drop it at your feet!


During the summer, it can be hard to water the plants in your yard if you have a dog that loves water. As soon as they hear the squeak of the outdoor faucet, they come running to take ridiculously large bites at the stream of water. Slow-motion videos of dogs doing this reveal the hilarious way their faces morph and stretch as they try to get a drink. Work in some extra exercise by moving the stream around the yard and watch your dog chase it eagerly. Try setting up a sprinkler or even get a small kiddie pool and fill it part of the way to give your dog somewhere to splash and play. You remember how much fun it was to play in the sprinkler on a hot day as a kid? Yeah, it’s like that for them too.


As our area starts to see more sunny days (and drier days), it a great time to hit up the local dog park. Of course, not every dog is well suited for the dog park, but you probably have some idea of whether or not this activity is a good idea or not. Dog parks give dogs a chance to socialize with other dogs and get in some exercise too. Before heading to a dog park, though, please make sure your pet is current on all vaccinations. That way, your pet would be less likely to bring home illnesses from other dogs after all the fun.


We’ve all seen the fantastic videos of dogs riding on skateboards, looking pretty cool. Some dogs just love to chase a skateboard. If you introduce the board when the dog is still young, and you can get them comfortable standing on it, the next step is to give them a gentle push. If they are into it, then before you know it, they’ll start jumping on all by themselves and just cruise along. It’s hard not to smile when you see a dog riding a skateboard.


You may already have a favorite dog walking route around your neighborhood, but don’t count this activity out as routine or boring for a dog. Your dog still LOVES to go for walks. The sights, sounds, and smells are their versions of reality TV.

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