How to groom a puppy?

Grooming is a vital part of taking care of your dog. The earlier you start, the better it is as your dog gets used to it from time to time. 


Among the most important tools for a new puppy owner are the comb and the brush. Start grooming your puppy at an early age. The earlier your puppy gets to know the procedure, the more readily he will get used to it. Short-haired breeds need brushing once or twice a week, first in the wrong, then in the right direction. However, long-haired breeds and those with dense undercoats may need more frequent grooming. Some breeds, such as terriers, need to be trimmed regularly. This means that the dead hairs are taken out, and in some places the coat is shortened according to the standards of the breed.If your pup’s coat is tangled and twisted, he may find the brushing uncomfortable. However, if you start early and brush your puppy regularly, it can be quite pleasant for him. With regular brushing your puppy will be more comfortable having his belly, paws and other “ticklish” places touched.


You don’t have to bathe your puppy regularly. However, if he’s rolled in some particularly “aromatic” dirt, a nice warm bath is a good idea. Use dog shampoo for this purpose. Strongly perfumed shampoos are not suitable for the sensitive skin of puppies. Especially in winter, you should take care that your puppy is kept warm after bathing, and is thoroughly dry 

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