India Street Dogs!

Indian citizens and officials to see street dogs as nothing but a nuisance and to seek eradication using inhumane methods such as poisoning and beating. 

every dog killed, another typically comes in to take over that dog’s territory. The only scientific method to humanely reduce street dog populations is mass spay and neuters, commonly known as animal birth control

India’s street dog population is closely associated with municipal sanitation practices – or neglect thereof. Because these homeless dogs often survive by scavenging rubbish, exposed garbage means more healthy dogs – and more puppies. Ironically, this actually makes the dogs a boon to public sanitation. By scavenging garbage, they reduce perishable waste that could otherwise be a source of contamination for people. And their presence around garbage keeps away other potentially dangerous scavengers, such as rats and mice.

Help Animals India And have funded the sterilization of hundreds of thousands of street dogs from partner organizations including, Varanasi for Animals Society for Animals and Nature, Animal Trust, Just Be Friendly, Animal Welfare,and more.

India and educates communities about how to live safely and peacefully with street dogs and other animals.

Six months into the program, we witnessed firsthand the transformation in community attitudes as people began caring for the very street dogs they had previously dreaded.

To give an example of the resistance they sometimes encounter, Buddhists typically regard sterilization as tantamount to taking life. 

Rabies is a genuine problem when it comes to India’s street dogs. Although the numbers are widely debated, the World Health Organization estimates that rabies kills about 20,000 people a year in India. That’s 36 percent of rabies deaths worldwide.

controlling rabies is key to winning hearts and minds, not to mention saving lives. The publicly very visible anti-rabies vaccination component of our animal birth control programs helps build community support .

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