Protect your dog’s sensitive skin

Nutrition to protect sensitive skin

This formula is crafted to support your dog’s overall health as well as nourishing its sensitive skin. It’s enriched with the essential fatty acids Omega 3 and 6, which help to calm and protect your dog’s skin and make it less sensitive to irritation. While EPA, DHA and GLA are especially beneficial Omegas that help its coat to stay full and healthy. The Dermacomfort range is also rich in carefully selected low-allergen, high-quality proteins that reduce the risk of intolerance.


It’s really important to keep your dog’s bed and other favorite resting places as clean as possible. This will help to remove dust and dandruff, which create a breeding ground for itchy parasites that can transfer to your dog’s skin.


Shampooing your dog helps to remove irritants from their skin. Remember to always use a gentle shampoo that’s suitable for dogs.


Moisturizing lotions suitable for dogs can help to soothe their skin. While you’re applying the lotion, check for any scratches. If your dog’s scratching is starting to damage its skin, it’s best to take it to the vet for a check.

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