PUPPY – Destructive Behavior

when your puppy starts making a mess and destroying your things? It will be stressful for both of you at first. But getting a puppy gives you the perfect opportunity to start training early.

Pediatric Behavior Problems in Dogs

Some behaviors like chewing, play biting, jumping up on people, and getting on furniture are typical puppy behaviors. They don’t know the rules yet and want to have fun and show everyone how much they love them.

A common destructive behavior in dogs is chewing. Puppy chewing can be a big issue in the teething phase. During this time, you need to ensure your buddy has enough chew toys and little access to everything else.

Play biting can also be an issue as puppy teeth are very sharp and can cause injuries. Don’t encourage this type of rough play. Show your dog that they hurt you, and follow with a sharp ‘no’, pulling your hand back, and ending playtime early.


You can resolve most puppy behavior issues. You’ll need the right food, interesting toys, enough exercise, and a comfortable sleeping area for your furry buddy. Limit access to some areas of the house and to items they could destroy. Add a little praise and rewards, and you’ll have one happy puppy.

Puppy classes are also an excellent solution for some basic obedience and habits. Teach your puppy to sit on command and come when called and build from there.

Monitor Your Dog’s Behavior

your dog is a complete sweetheart while you’re home but turns into a beast when you’re not around? These issues can stem from separation anxiety, boredom, or a lack of exercise. If you don’t want to come home to a battleground, you can get a pet camera to monitor your dog’s behavior when they are home alone.

Pet cube Bites pet treat camera is a great solution that allows you to watch your pooch day and night thanks to the night vision feature. The camera is connected through an app with your phone. This way you can talk to your buddy and throw treats at various distances. This will give them a little extra attention, food, and exercise.

You’ll also know if your dog is barking a lot and annoying your neighbors. When you spot the barking or howling, you can summon your dog to distract them and stop the barking and howling.

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