Some Discipline a Dog

How do you discipline a dog?
One of the best ways to discipline a dog is to ignore them or give them a time-out. You can also distract them with a loud noise, say ‘no’, or order them to sit. You can also use a spray bottle to spray some water on your dog to stop a bad behavior. If your dog is on a leash, you can use a quick leash snap. Other methods include taking away toys and holding back on rewards. Never hit your dog.

Why is my dog being aggressive all of the sudden?
If an otherwise non-aggressive dog suddenly turns aggressive, it’s possible that they might be sick or in pain. Dogs that are hurting will even snap, growl, or bark at their owners. Take your dog to a vet to see if there’s a health issue.

Why is my dog trying to bite me?
If you have a puppy, they might consider it a rough play. If an adult dog is trying to bite you, it might be that they didn’t learn that biting is wrong. Another possibility is that the dog is getting aggressive. First, rule out medical and other obvious reasons such as resource guarding and then address the issue.

Is it bad to let my dog sleep with me?
Some may argue that dogs are dirty, shed a lot, might have parasites, and don’t exactly smell like flowers. But if your dog is clean and healthy, and you like a leg warmer in the winter, there’s nothing wrong with that. Sleeping with a dog can actually improve your sleep if your pooch doesn’t kick or snore a lot.

How can I stop my dog from jumping on my bed?
You must set clear boundaries and be consistent. You can’t let your dog sleep with you for a week and then kick them out because you don’t feel like it anymore. Make sure your dog has a comfy and safe sleeping area, possibly even near your bed so they can still be close to you.

How do I stop dog aggression?
Try to determine the cause of the aggression before you can correct it. Rule out health issues first, then consider resource guarding, previous abuse, fear, anxiety, and a lack of exercise. If you have small kids around, limit their interaction with the dog until the behavior is corrected. In some cases, it’s best to call a pet behavior expert to help.

Why is my dog eating poop and rolling in it?
If your dog is eating poop, they might be missing some nutrients or they’re hungry. So, they may be trying to eat anything they can. Dogs also think that poop smells great so they will often indulge in it. It can also be instinct as dogs are used to rolling in smelly things to mask their smell while hunting.

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