Walk Dog Collar & Leash Set

Walk collar and Leash set just made walks with your favorite furry more comfortable! The leash is designed to be shorter so you can keep your pet closer on streets that are busy with traffic or people. The collar can be adjusted to ensure that it fits your dog just right and it is fastened easily with a snap buckle. The leash has a soft, EVA handles to offer you a better grip.


  1. Product Type: Leash and collar set for dogs
  2. Material: Polyester webbing
  3. Conventional flat collar
  4. Short leash for better control
  5. For a comfortable grip, it has a soft EVA handle
  6. The handle has anti-slip properties
  7. Tough aluminium alloy clamp
  8. Anti-slip EVA handle on the leash
  9. Adjustable collar
  10. Lightweight for comfort
  11. Available in different colours and sizes

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